Most Popular OSRS Services For RuneScape Beginners

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OSRS is one of the best MMORPG ever created, and just like any other great and popular games, it has a good following and business-minded individuals are taking notice. Now, you can better your overall gaming experience by letting seasoned RuneScape players help you with your account.

Some of the famous OSRS services that beginners avail of are the following.

Popular OSRS Services

For this OSRS services, we’ve identified Probemas as the best RuneScape-related website to get these services from. They’ve been in the business since 2013 and are trusted by thousands of fellow RS players worldwide. They also offer OSRS and RS3 gold, just in case you’re looking for those as well.


OSRS is by far a game that is centered around dedicating a lot of your valuable time to reach a high level. For some that may quite an exciting component. But for others, it can be a deterring factor that makes the game less enjoyable. Probemas understands that and has resultantly developed their powerleveling service to suit your needs.

Just head out to Probemas and avail of their OSRS powerleveling services.

After selecting the skill (or skills) you want to level up, the specific levels you want to achieve, alongside the associated cost, simply checkout and purchase. You’ll soon receive details about safely conducting the whole process. For example, you’ll know when your account is ready to access, what information to give and not to give, and other safety measures.

Fire Cape

Moving on, we also have our popular Fire Cape OSRS service available. For those who are unaware, the fire cape is one of the strongest capes in the game, providing an immense number of stat bonuses that are only paralleled by few others. However, to attain such a prestigious cape, you’ll need to complete the fight caves – a continuous 63 wave battle against the toughest monsters, including the level 702 Jad.

Probemas is well aware that not everyone wants to spend hours upon hours in the fight caves, trying to get that cape. And that’s why thousands of players choose to purchase fire cape services from us.

To safely buy a Fire Cape and you must find a trustworthy website that offers this type of OSRS service. Our recommended OSRS fire cape service provider is Probemas since they’ve been in business for over 7 years now. Once you’re in their website, just select which one works for you, taking into account the stat requirements, price, and any item requirements.

After you’ve paid for your fire cape, you’ll be connected to one of our staff who’ll run you through the whole procedure, detailing the protocols regarding each section of the fire cape. After one of our experts has successfully completed the fire cape on your account, you can log on to your very own fire cape!

Pest Control (Void)

Our Pest Control (Void) services feature the ability for you to pay for void pieces. Specifically, you’ll be paying for one of our specialists to play pest control on your account, until you receive the piece(s) that you desire. From there, you’ll be notified when the pest control efforts are complete – and you can log on with your new items!

To safely buy Pest Control services, you’ll first need to head over to Probemas and select the void package that suits you. There’s plenty of options, ranging from individual items such as the Void Gloves, all the way to full sets such as the Void Ranger Set.

As all training is done by hand, you can be certain that your account is in safe hands. Probemas will never, under no circumstances, use a 3rd party software to assist in completing Pest Control.


Quests are an integral part of ones’ Old School RuneScape journey. Without it, you simply cannot achieve elite progression. Quests provide experience, unlock areas, provide access to items, and so much more.

Therefore, it’s very important that you finish a vast amount of quests. However, with the tedious tasks that take hours, it’s easy to see why many people choose our questing service to fast track their progress.

For those unaware, you don’t need to complete a single quest again anymore, by purchasing from Probemas’ questing services. Their seasoned OSRS players do all the hard work for you!

So what are you waiting for?

Head out to Probemas and start improving your character’s skills and begin dominating Old School RuneScape.