One Small Favour Osrs Quest

Head to the east and back down south another side of this mountain back to Taverley. Speak to Sanfew again on the second floor of the herbalist shop. He’ll thank you for speaking into the gnome pilot on his benefit and delivering the Guthix Rest. In exchange, he’ll take a dwarf as an initiate in the Druidic Circle. Following her sensible decision, depart the goblin cave and head north-east to Seers’ Village and visit Phantuwti’s house.
Speak to Arhein and he’ll tell you that it is all but impossible to have the druids responsible for poor weather. He can confront the druids if there are any problems with his or her imports. He tells you that the T.R.A.S.H. has been sent to the gnome and you should go there and speak to this gnome. Head to Jerico’s home that’s located near the furnace in East Ardougne.
Tell him you get a particular tea for him and he will take it. Then tell him about the trip you want to organize to take Sanfew into the ogres. The gnome pilot wishes to make it in record time, so he will require some lightweight rope; or T.R.A.S.H. because he calls it. Bleemadge then mentions that Arhein, inCatherby, has a few of those ropes. Make your way to Taverley and speak with Sanfew, in his house to the West of the city gate. Ask him if he’s accepting new initiates, and inform him that you understand a dwarf who wants to be his start.
He’s too concerned about his buddy, then to sharpen your axe. Agree to help him by saying,”Ok, ok, I’ll do it!. Then go to Draynor Village and speak to Aggie the witch, she’ll help you in the event that you agree to locate her apprentice. Jimmy the Chisel, who has gone missing searching for supplies. Learn more about How To Level Up Herblore Training In OSRS here. In this OSRS quest guide, I’m going to share with you just how you can finish the OSRS One Small Favour quest. During the OSRS One Small Favour quest you’ll meet Yanni Salika who owns an antique store.
One Small Favour OSRS Quest
Ask him if he is accepting new disappearing, and inform him you know a dwarf who would like to be his start. He’ll choose the dwarf on for not one, but TWO favours! He needs one to make some herbal tea for your gnome-pilot on white wolf mountain, and arrange a trip with the gnome to Feldip Hills. Go to the Barbarian Village and speak with Tassi Slipcast from the Pottery. She says that she wants to pay off a loan to Hammerspike, a ruthless gangster who lives in the Dwarven Mines.
Head back into Yanni’s antique store and speak to him. After a couple of moments, he will ask why you seem upset; it was only a small favour. Seeing that you are still upset, he will give you a key ring that will help you keep your keys. After describing to him what you needed to go through in order to provide him the logs, then he will finally give you two antique lamps. Exit the Mines through the ladder and traveling south-east back into the Barbarian Village.