Osrs Best Quest Guide

Ask him if Menaphites can give you a camel so can you end this dispute. Ali Morrisane, the best merchant needs your help to discover his nephew Ali at a small town Pollnivneach. Go look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you truly believe those 2 thoughts are equivalent. One being a town of individuals changing their name to Ali to get an inheritance along with the other calling people racial slurs in chat choices.
These acitivities are pretty straightforward and self explanatory and can result in easy money. Of course to attain such rates you’ll have to pay attention to what you are doing and do not make mistakes which may result in bandits attacking you and consequently to this waste of time. Now that you are in Pollnivneach and you’re ready to break the law visit the selected bandit and use the lure option . He should begin following you but he might also say he is busy right now. In that situation you will have to keep trying until he takes your offer.
Talk to a bandit and then a Menaphite to provide them each a Receipt. Go west of the bar and question the Menaphite Thugs. Start stage Ali MorrisaneOfficial difficultyIntermediateDescriptionAli Morrisane – RuneScape’s self proclaimed’greatest merchant’ – is having difficulties.

  • Talk with the leader of this Menaphites, who must be nearby.
  • Back at the Asp and Snake Pub, use the toxin on the desk with a beer on and the task is complete.
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  • Assessing the traitor – When Ali that the Hag has obtained the dung and snake, she will give you the Red Hag’s Poison that you must use to poison the traitor’s beverage.
  • Today’s update changed names of NPCs in Pollnivneach for’diversity reasons’.

The under collapsible includes the minimal skill levels required to finish every quest in /v/scape, and quest points. Learn more about RuneScape FletchingGuide here. All the quests listed here/in the ingame Quest tab are those readily available, however a few have incomplete guides which are marked with a watch. For those, it is acceptable to confirm the OSRS wiki until a proper guide is created or help create one yourself.
OSRS Quest The Feud
Speak to the villagers, they are still ungrateful! Next, talk to the mayor, he is a bit more grateful about the results of your deeds. Now return to Ali Morrisane to claim your reward. Ali the Operator now informs you to talk to their chief. You opt to kill the boss since he’s only a bit mad with world domination approaches! A level 75 man appears to fight you, quickly kill him.