OSRS Legends Quest Guide

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osrs legends quest guide

When Nezikchened dies, substitute the totem, and Gujuo will seem to thank you for defeating the demon. He’ll provide you with a totem pole as a reward for everything you’ve accomplished. Low levels ought to notice that should you kill the three undead warriors and then depart, you will not have to battle them again upon returning.

If you’re taking the long path, Nezikchened won’t summon the undead heroes as a result of Viyeldi is defending them, however be cautious as he will hit 4 times before the battle.

When Nezikchened spawns, he will say his dialogue and start attacking you! You are immobile while he is talking and can take heavy injury, so it is HIGHLY beneficial to turn on Protect from Melee before changing the totem to be secure.

Finally, the tree might be totally grown and it is going to be known as an Adult. Use your Rune Hatchet on the tree to chop it down then use your hatchet on it again to trim the branches off. You ought to now have a Trimmed Yommi that looks like a cross. For the last time use your Hatchet on the tree to turn it right into a Totem Pole.

To choose it click ‘Lift’ and the totem pole will seem in your stock. Drink a Stat Restore Potion to get your strength back to its full stat.

The OSRS Legends’ Quest

Run southwest from the quest signal till you discover Jungle Forester. To start the quest, go talk to the guards simply outdoors the legends guild. Ask the guard to allow you to via the gates to speak to Sir Radimus Erkle and take your task. Talk to Erkle and he provides you with an incomplete map of the Kharazi Jungle, which you have to full. Lift the yommi totem from the ground and you will now have a Yommi totem in your stock. Run back to the cave where you found the binding guide.

It would require a couple of pushes from different angles to maneuver it so far as possible. After you progress it, use your bowl on the Holy Water spot. Use your Holy Water on Yommie Tree Seeds to germinate them (unless you were able to do this earlier, then you do not have to) and fill your bowl with Holy Water again. Now run West previous the three Lesser Demons and attempt to push a boulder on the water’s edge. A ghost will seem and ask you to assist him by killing Viyeldi. Use your rope on it BUT before happening, drink your Bravery potion.

Getting Yommi Seeds

Fill your bowl with water and apply it to your seeds if you haven’t accomplished so already. If you teleport out of the Kharazi Jungle, you’ll need to refill your bowl on the sacred pool. Once it reaches the second stage, fill your bowl again, and apply it to the tree. Stay alert, because as soon as it has reached this stage, you will have only a quick window of time where you can reduce it, or it’s going to go rotten, and you’ll need to begin again.