OSRS Lvl 3 To Nature Spirit

If you don’t already have a silver sickle, visit the crafting shop in Al-Kharid and purchase a sickle mould for 10gp. Then use a silver bar on a furnace with the mould in your inventory to create a silver plated. Move from the grotto and proceed towards the logs. Use the lucky silver sickle on the logs and also collect the fungus from them. Fill out the druid pouch with fungus and use it on the ghasts. They will become visible as an effect and you can kill them.
We would like you to know that we apply our long-standing dedication of safeguarding privacy to our online and Internet activities. Learn more about OSRS Runecrafting Guide here. I’ve gotten to close the end of the quest. He acknowledged the fungus as the something in the nature. However he wont take the spell as the soul to give (and I have tried used and fresh spells) or me since the religion. I placed everything on the rocks and assessed both runehq along with the runescape quest help page nature spirit, but I cant do it.
Proceed through the barrier south of Drezel into Morytania. Go indoors, and hunt the grotto at the middle of the cave. Filliman will turn into a Nature Spirit.
To start this OSRS quest, Sins of the Father, you are going to want to head into the church at Slepe, and speak to Veliaf Hurtz. In order to achieve Slepe you may use the Drakan’s Medallion to teleport yourself to Ver Sinhaza, then only head up to the desired location. You could also utilize the Ectophial into teleport, and utilize Andras’ rowboat and head north, and that’s why we recommend taking the extra gold, as you might have to fork out on 10,000 coins to achieve that. As an alternative, you may use it to teleport and mind throughout Port Phasmatys, where you are able to locate Slepe to the south. So far as items are involved, for starters you will require an Axe.
For this specific quest, you need to enter from the gate. If This doesn’t help then I recommend you utilize a guide. Welcome to RuneScape Help’s Quest site .Quests are string of jobs in Runescape which players may choose to finish.
When you use the druid pouch on the ghast, they will become visible, and one charge will be deducted from your druid pouch. Kill them, then talk to the Nature Spirit again. He will redecorate the grotto and reward you. Items requiredA Silver sickle – either purchase it from the Grand Exchange, or create it with a Silver pub and Sickle mould in a furnace. Ironmen can buy a Silver bar from the Silver merchant in Ardougne. Also, be sure you have full Prayer points.
Nature Spirit osrs quest
How much could it cost to have a brand new account quested to nature spirit quest. He’ll bless it and let you collect nature’s bounty and use it to fill a druid pouch he gives you. He says when there are 3 items in the pouch, you’ll be able to earn Ghasts look and kill three of them. Look for the grotto tree at the middle of the island to receive a journal. The diary refers to the prerequisites of becoming a’Nature Spirit’ that are’Something from Nature’,’Something with Faith’, and’Something of those Spirit-to-become freely given’. Use the diary on Filliman to provide him.