OSRS Waterfall Guide

A mountain will erupt providing you with access into the chalice above. Use Glarial’s Urn on the floating chalice and you’ll have completed the quest. You need to be fast to leave or the room will probably flood with water and you are going to become washed out back to the tourist centre.
Just use the key on the gate to get into the area. Talk to Golrie and he will provide you Glarial’s pebble. Now use the Rope on the dead tree and you will appear by a door, enter the barrel and you’ll wind up using a weapon, follow this up into a house. (Climbing on the tree at the peak of the waterfall gives 8 harm and opening the door onto the ledge without a Glarial’s amulet provides 5 harm ). Head back to Almera’s House, and take the raft from behind the house.

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Instantly run west into the chest and retrieve Glarial’s amulet. Go east, and then south down the other route, search the coffin to locate Glarial’s Urn. Return to the ladder and then climb back out. Within the house speak with Hadley, then go upstairs and look for the bookcases to the get a publication called”Book of baxtorian”. Read it and you’ll find out that the elves concealed treasure beneath the falls.
The Moss Guardians can possibly one-hit low level players, so it is a lot better to take smaller amount of damage from the other monsters. Run to the west part of the cave, beyond the level 84 moss guardians, and look for the chest for Glarial’s amulet. Head to the south part of the cave and search the coffin to get Glarial’s urn. Together with the urn and amulet, reunite to Almera’s house and board the raft behind it. Take advantage of your rope onto the rockand then on the tree.

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Speak for him to go home to his mother, but he’ll refuse. Speak to him again and offer to assist and he will deny your offer claiming you will steal the treasure. Another opportunity to find hidden treasure? That is was Almera’s son is doing near the Barbarian Outpost.
osrs waterfall quest
Go down the ladderinto the small dungeon. Then, go east and search the crates/boxes till you find a key. Almera tells you that her boy is looking for a treasure in the waterfall. After talking to her, then head to the back of her house, and board the raft. First enter the east area and search the northernmost crate to find a key. Now enter the west space, and use the key on the door to the north.

Items Required

Open the door with all the amulet equipped. Be certain the amulet is in your stock. You may also wish to equip yourself for battle. Then, go back to Almera’s house and board the raft. Take advantage of your rope onto the large grey rock on the little patch of soil only mimicked, then use the rope on the tree which you can climb.